Carolyn in Silver Gown

A New Year

I read somewhere recently that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by January 24th and it kind of surprised me. That seems like such a short period of time to give up on a goal! But also, it made me consider how much thought do we all put into our New Year’s resolutions. Maybe putting more forethought into what we promise to ourselves would help us to stick with those intentions longer. I’ve been working to stick to mine, but resolutions are so hard to keep aren’t they. For 2020 I would like: + Less stress: This is definitely a tough one for those of us living in New York. The pace of life here is frenetic and we often crave time unplugged from daily routines. I’m a big believer in breaking a sweat in the gym, plus I take the occasional yoga class. I’m also doing more reading as a way to take my mind off daily stressors. + More sleep: Couldn’t we all use more sleep? I have been guilty of burning the midnight oil many nights. Plus it can be so much fun to stay up all night with you. + Golf lessons: I have had many opportunities to hit the golf course with friends but just never got around to making golf lessons a priority in my life. I welcome learning something new and love a challenge, so this spring I’ll be perfecting my swing. + Buying less lingerie: Expensive, lacy, silky, cling-to-my-curves lingerie is a weakness for me. Not only do I love to wear it, I also love to see the look in your eyes when you see what I’ve got on. In fact, I’ve already done some damage at the Journelle sale this week! Breaking the rules can be so much fun. Tell me about your New Year’s resolutions.

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