Is that really you in your photos and why don’t you show your face?

Yes, every picture on this website is of me and all photos are recent (I have a new photoshoot every six months).  Apart from some blurring of my face, my pictures are a true depiction of what I look like. I have delicate feminine features, blue eyes, lightly freckled pale skin, and a perfect smile.  I choose to not show my face for my privacy and for yours.  In my experience, very few gentlemen want to be seen in public with an escort who is recognizable from her photographs. 

What type of payments do you accept and are your rates negotiable?

I accept cash only, large bills are preferred.  My rates are non-negotiable.

How do I see you?

Send me an email to start the conversation…carolyncroft@protonmail.com
Sharing your information with me early on will help make our first meeting memorable. I receive a large number of inquiries and priority is given to dates of 4 hours or more. 

Can I find you on review sites?

Because I would never want our date to be reduced to acronyms, I have a strict no review policy. I take privacy, yours and mine, very seriously and believe what happens in private should stay private. I hope you think so too. I assure you that I would never share graphic details regarding our time together with anyone, and I expect the same courtesy in return. From a safety standpoint, reviews can be incriminating.

Mature Companion

Am I too young or too old for you?

I enjoy the rapport shared with more mature men.  As such, I will not meet with anyone under the age of 30.  I have no upper age limit.

Can I take you to dinner?

Absolutely! Dinner dates are my favorite. I love steak and seafood and all ethnic cuisines. Since I have a lifetime of experience and many interests, I can confidently converse with you on a myriad of topics as we playfully flirt across the table.

Do you like what you do?

I can say with complete honesty that I truly love what I do and every time we meet I bring refreshing anticipation and eagerness to our rendezvous. Set up an appointment and I’ll show you just how much I love what I do…! Reach out to me at carolyncroft@protonmail.com

What will you be wearing when we meet?

I’m always dressed to impress in classic, elegant outfits curated with you in mind….and barely-there lingerie underneath.

Do you tour my city?

I rarely tour, however, I am happy to travel to see you. Please see my Rates page for details.  

Can I use you as a reference?

I am the epitome of discretion and as such, I do not accept nor give references. Your seeing me is no one’s business and I will not discuss you with anyone. 

Do you accept gifts?

A thoughtful gift from you is always appreciated. You can find some gift ideas here.

Do you see couples/women?

I think that women are beautiful, however, I do not offer encounters with them. I prefer the intimate connection I experience with a man.