An Oral Fixation

Those of you who have seen me know my personal belief in how to attain world peace…….if every man got a blowjob every day there would be no more wars. I think sexual frustration has caused many a bad day at work and a grumpy mood and maybe a feud or worse.

Growing up in Europe I tried cigarettes as a teenager. Wearing my private school uniform, smoking a cigarette made me feel rebellious and I did enjoy the sensation of having a cigarette between my lips. I continued to be a social smoker for 5 years until my move to the US, and decided to quit my nasty anti-social habit. I didn’t miss the nicotine; I missed having something in my mouth. An oral fixation is the desire for oral stimulation sometimes through nail-biting, smoking or eating.

As a mature woman, my favorite method of oral fixation is fellatio. I’m proud to say that I have been called an expert fellator and my enthusiasm for the act is obvious. In fact, I almost drool with anticipation when presented with a member in need of attention. Mmmmm….can’t wait to continue working on my Peace Prize.

Warm hugs 🙂

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