Carolyn Croft

Companionship In The Time of Covid-19

UPDATE: I will begin to take a very small number of appointments starting the week of May 18,2020. Please contact me via email

As someone who spends much of her time in the company of others, I am very aware of how much we all crave contact and connection with others. Humans are made to touch, talk and be close to each other. We are social creatures and we are meant to enjoy the same space and walk through the world together. This time of social distancing is extremely difficult for everyone since doing the things that come naturally to us are suddenly off limits. I feel like the world changed overnight, and now even leaving my apartment is perilous.

During the coronavirus pandemic I am offering virtual companionship. While we endure this challenging time I’ll keep you company through daily texts and emails (and occasional surprise photos). Getting to know one another in this unique way creates a deeper connection and progresses to exciting real world dates when we do get together in person.

Life constantly changes and all we can do is adapt to those changes. I am adapting to this new world of social distancing and virtual living and am looking forward to exploring this world with you. Let’s brighten up this difficult time with fun texts and emails, and the anticipation of being together.

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