“Fly Me To You….How Does That Work?”

I am frequently asked about my Fly Me To You (FMTY) package and how a client would go about reserving my exclusive time when he does not reside in the metro NY area.  I am always flattered when a client requests that I travel to see him, it means that he has done his research on companions in his area and has decided that I check the boxes of exactly what he is looking for in a professional girlfriend.

After contacting me and confirming my availability for the requested time, I look into the travel options for getting me to where you are, in the most time efficient manner possible.  For the deposit, an emailed airline gift card for my air travel is ideal; if that option is not feasible, I can share other options.  Whenever possible, I choose non-stop direct flights to your location and travel with a carry-on bag so that I can get out of the airport as quickly as possible (obviously if we are spending a week or more together I will be bringing a large suitcase for shoes 🙂 )  There’s no need for you to worry about picking me up at the airport, I usually take an Uber to your hotel/home and Uber back to the airport at the end of our date.  Depending on your proximity to NYC, I am also happy to hop on Amtrak and take the train to you.

Some of my most enjoyable FMTY dates are taking a trip together for 2 days or 2 weeks to a place where we’re both anonymous and can let our hair down.  Isn’t there someplace you’re dying to explore with a witty, charming, seductive and compassionate travel companion?  In my experience, deeper and more meaningful connections are formed during our extended time together.  For travel within the US, my minimum appointment is 6 hours, for an International FMTY date the minimum appointment is 18 hours; my Packages page has the details.  To make for smoother travel across borders, I hold both US and EU passports.

Now that you know how to get me to where you are, reach out and make it a reality.

Warm hugs,



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