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I Blog Therefore I Am ?

Talking about myself is something I find quite difficult to do. I’m an incredibly private person and my intention is to fly under the radar as much as possible in this industry. However, as with everything, things are constantly changing and you need to keep up or get left behind. So, I’m dipping my toes into blogging in the hopes you’ll find something about me that piques your interest and want to get to know me in person.

With so many companions on social media, I’ve also recently created a Twitter account @carolyncroftny, but since I find it a bit of an oxymoron to be on social media and discreet, I rarely tweet.

I haven’t been in this business very long and I saw this experience as a way to explore my sensuality and feed my insatiable appetite for experiences. I absolutely love men and have for as long as I can remember. Everything about a man: his voice, masculinity, smell, thought-process, horniness is such a turn-on to me. And that is why I love spending time with my clientele.

Warm hugs…..

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