Carolyn Croft

Sex Is Like Golf


While asking a sweet friend how his golf game went recently, he joked that just like his sexual performance his golf game had it highs and lows.  I don’t pretend to know much about golf, this is just a tongue-in-cheek observation of how two activities that men love so much, golf and sex, are similar.

<> Golf is mostly a psychological game. If you let the possibility of failure creep into your brain then your performance is doomed.

<> Sometimes if you overthink it, you can set yourself up for failure and disappointment.  The heightened anticipation and excitement of getting naked with someone new can be overwhelming.   I often say sex is fun and sometimes it’s funny.  We have to be able to relax and laugh at ourselves.

<> Golf and sex can be played alone but it’s always more fun playing with someone else.

<> The size of your club is not important, the biggest sex organ we have is between our ears.

<> Golf and sex are healthy activities you begin early in life and can enjoy for your entire life.  Sometimes adjustments need to be made for health/age changes and an experienced open-minded partner can help.

Most importantly, golf is like sex…….when it’s great it’s amazing; when it’s not, it’s still good  😉

Warm hugs,


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